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Digital Marketing Agencies have reached saturation point in the UK and the quality has never been worse across the industry leading to a rise in companies taking their PPC & SEO strategies in house. Many companies are looking to train friends, family or learn themselves but online courses can be out of date or irrelevant to your business and non-industry experts don't understand the customer journey of a car buyer.

I help businesses gain in these areas by showing them that having control of your marketing empowers you and your business to make sound decisions and act on them immediately. Most agencies take every click through to your website and add a margin, for example if a click cost you £1.10 they may add up-to 50% to that cost meaning you're paying £1.65 for that click, in a year you could save over £6,000 (about the same as an apprentice for 20 hours a week!).

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Types of training

I offer group and one to one training for SME's that are looking to move away from agencies and take control of their own marketing. I will be slicing through the smoke and mirrors in these areas giving you granular control of all aspects of your PPC and SEO strategies.

Group PPC Training


For all PPC & SEO training there will be a fact find call, post fact find call and a confirmation call prior to the training course. During these calls we will establish some key information to enable the most practical and efficient use of the time on the course. These calls are critical for the smooth running of the course and serve as a basis for the course structure.

One to One SEO Training


After the training is completed we will monitor the campaign daily for a couple of weeks depending on the size and complexity of the campaign, tweek and adjust the landing pages, schedule and whatever else needs changing and then you'll take over the running of the campaign.

Credentials...Why choose a specialist in your industry?

I've worked in the automotive sector since 2015 as Digital Marketing Manager for large UK dealership and currently work with a number of high profile industry names. For the 8 years prior to this I helped customers in other sectors achieve the results they aspired to in SEO and PPC. Bringing techniques from other industries I've worked in has proved extremely successful in the automotive sector.

Specialist in SEO and PPC

Used Car Dealer SEO PPC Management and Software

Get your own apprentice....Make them your own.

Having an apprentice from a local college is a great way to expand your business without major costs and commitment and they're teaching this stuff in a college near you, right now. These students are learning the foundations of digital marketing and are an untouched resource. I have experience in placing apprentices and supporting them through the transition from practical college learned information to applying this to real business situations.