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Cleverley Done - Web Technology Specialist

About Us

Cleverley Done (no it is no spelt wrong) was started as a hardware and software solutions company serving hundreds of clients across the UK, as Cleverley Done grew in the online sector we quickly became one of the market leaders in affordable bespoke website design and website redesigns for SME's. Our SEO was noticed by some major players and as such we incorporated SEO and SEM into our portfolio of products. Our websites have always had a structure and we were one of the forerunners in the /cat-and-dog structure in website design, a now widely adopted standard across the web today.

We have many years in house experience in the web technologies industry and having knowledge of project management, hardware support, network support and infrastructure upgrades for companies and institutions such as Hagemeyer GMBH, National Health Service (NHS), Citroen, Synter BMW, Admedia and many more companies allows us to control the most complex and ambitious web technology projects.

We have a simplistic and realistic approach to web design and SEO services, if you are looking to dominate the world for cars or jewellery then look nothing sort of spending 5m-10m on your SEO campaigns, but if it is automatic door installers in Romford then the cost would amount to about 250.00.

Last updated: Nov 20, 2011 10:22:15 PM