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What People Are Searching For On Google

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Get Analytics For

Get Analytics For

Have you seen a URL that starts Do you want to see some stats on it? Well type the URL in the box below and press get analytics and bob's your uncle!
Use our online tool click here

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My MG Is Up For Sale

Alas, my wonderful MG MGF in dark Grey has to leave me!

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Reviews Of That Geezer Laptop Repair

Broken your laptop screen? Looking for a professional and reliable company to repair it for you at a time that suits you?  We can highly recommend That Geezer they've repaired a number of screens on our laptop, netbooks and ultrabooks.  Just Google That Geezer and get a quote or call 079 70 70 70 82 and speak to Martin!

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Orange Broadband Lies Lies Lies

I received free broadband with orange many years ago and they quoted me up to 8mb.  I was receiving 1mb for around four years and then I decided to do some checking on the local speeds other people were achieving.  I found out they chap around the corner was getting 3.96mb and he was on Orange.  I called Orange and told them, they said he must be on a different circuit, so I called BT they said Ohhhhh no he isn’t…I called Orange and they said Ohhhhhhh yes he is…so I said to orange I will report you to ofcom, and, what do you know I had 3.96mbs within 24 hours.  Moral of the storey, don’t believe them they’ll lie through their teeth…

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Tesco Laptop Repair Poor Service

Wow, stick to your knitting I say:

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Keynote Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Tablet Full Interview

This is the full interview with Steven Sinofsky, Michael Angiulo and Panos Panay showing you why the new Microsoft Windows 8 Tablet is truly amazing:

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Electricians Based In Essex

Electricians based in Essex


We have started the electrical side of our business from the shear number of electricians we know who are out of work.  We, Cleverley Done, have the marketing expertise to get the enquires and potential work and our sub-contractors have the ability to do the work, so it should be a marriage made in heaven.

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New Facebook Page

This is one of our master pieces for a client who provides laptop screen repair and laptop screen replacement now do you want a Facebook page like this one?

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Cleverley Done Electrical Now Open!

Cleverley Done have expanded into domestic electrical installations market. We have a team of six fully qualified and experienced electrician’s on-hand to help you 24/7, with a combined experience of nearly 100 years in the electrical industry we are streets ahead of the competition. Check out our new Essex Electricians webpage where you can find out more about us.

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Laptop Screen Repair London

Laptop Screen Repair London

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