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Blog Post 75     

Orange Broadband Lies Lies Lies

I received free broadband with orange many years ago and they quoted me up to 8mb.  I was receiving 1mb for around four years and then I decided to do some checking on the local speeds other people were achieving.  I found out they chap around the corner was getting 3.96mb and he was on Orange.  I called Orange and told them, they said he must be on a different circuit, so I called BT they said Ohhhhh no he isn’t…I called Orange and they said Ohhhhhhh yes he is…so I said to orange I will report you to ofcom, and, what do you know I had 3.96mbs within 24 hours.  Moral of the storey, don’t believe them they’ll lie through their teeth…

Last updated: Nov 20, 2011 10:22:15 PM