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Computing Classes for Schools
Funday computing classes for UK schools
The kids will discover how computing powers the modern world

Computing Classes for Schools

Computing classes for UK based schools. Courses include the history of computing moving from analogue to digital, paired with hands on fundays and projects to take home.

About the Computing classes

During the day the kids will learn about the flow of electricity, how circuits work using Snap Circuits, the lego of computing. They will learn how to build a basic switched circuit and ones with various sensors, motors and leds.

They'll learn about electricity and how this works and is related to computing. From the production of electricity including, solar, wind, fossil fuel and nuclear, how it's distributed and gets to your home, and eventually how switches in your home turn on the lights or charges their tablets.

The computing practicals are so fun and informative giving them real world examples of the use of computing in their everyday lives.

Raspberry Pi

History Classes

The history of computing is fascinating and full of extremes, from the size of old computers to the increase in memory and speed. With real retro computers, phones and games consoles they get to see and play with the old school.

Coding Classes

Coding is what makes all electronic devices sing, be it the dishwasher or the car you drive, without code computers are as dumb as a blade of grass. Delving into a number of languages and how and where they're used giving the kids real world examples of coding.

Raspberry Pi Classes

This £30 computer is the place for all kids to start if they're interested in computing of any kind, be it games, biometrics, python, websites and everything in between. The reason for this is the Pi's are versatile with the languages and software you can use, as well as the connectivity to the outside world.