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Internet Classes for Schools
Funday internet classes for UK schools
The kids will discover how internet powers the modern world

Internet Classes for Schools

Internet classes for UK based schools. The course includes the history of internet moving from dial-up to digital, fibre and mobile, paired with hands on fundays and projects including a website to use at home.

About the internet classes

During the day the kids will learn about how the internet works, where it is, who owns it and what is possible. This will include websites, servers, firewalls and storage, this may all sound daunting, but it's really fun and with modern references without being blinded by technical jargon that may confuse them.

They'll learn how them clicking on a link can take them places, the internet practicals are so fun and informative giving them real world examples of the use of internet in their everyday lives.


Internet Connectivity Classes

You may think this is a boring subject, but give it a thought, without connectivity none of the internet would work, at all, none of it! They're akin to the central nervous system of the body, they get the information from the brain to the place it needs to go, the limbs and organs. They also transmit the information from the sensors around the body; eyes, touch, taste and so on to the brain for it to make the decisions to send to the limbs.

The plethora of different ways we connect to the internet and the history of dial up will demonstrate how bad it was and how complaining the Netflix buffers once a week is not that bad.


Like connectivity without servers the internet would not work, not only are they the place your information is stored, they're also used to point your iPad in the direction for the website you want to go to.

Servers are the brain, it takes the information from the senses, translates them and responds to the output in a specific way. It also stores all of your memories in an order you can remember, allows you to communicate, and lets all of the background processes run without interference, breathing, digesting and so on.

Servers store websites, Apps, Videos, eMail, Databases, Communications, Files and Games allowing them to be retrieved with ease, they respond to sensors and software within a set of parameters, make decisions based on the result, then respond to the result.

Websites / Apps

Websites and Apps are the highest level in the OSI model, the application layer, it what the users see and providing the other 6 layers are working correctly the user should not see anything abnormal. This is like life, the experiences you have, the interations, conversations, visualisations and every part of your life is like an App, Game or website.

All of the kids will have the chance to build a Website and App and keep it for a year for free for them to work on and update when they get home, in school and in future classes.