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Here is a collection of reviews, endorsements and accolades.

From Excel to WebApp

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Global Shipping WebApp

This project was for a global shipping company and started as a quick Excel spreadsheet but after talking to Peter we ended up creating a WebApp that allows them to run part of this business online. They could track their ships across the world on a map, monitor port costs, fuel costs, and the voyage profits it even tracks the lat an lon and so much more. What a great project.


I'm currently working on a second project with Peter, we're working on is a PIMS (purchase invoice matching) system that will allow the comparison of the port costs in detail.

Cloud Based Business App

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Working with James

For James I had to migrate some old Microsoft Excel files into a MySQL database, cleanse, format and de-duplicate all of the data and build a custom backend application. This application allows James to access all of his data, create customer invoices and purchase orders where ever he was in the world.