Cleverley Done offer the chance for you to get back to work and start earning the money instead of being up until all hours promoting your busniess online or paying your untrained and busy staff members to do it when their's and your time is best spent elsewhere.

Cleverley Done are the professionals choice for all online marketing for companies large and small, don't hesitate get yourself back to the stuff that matters growing and streamlining your business and leave the marketing to us.

Getting on Google will change your business, that is a guarantee!

Are you looking to get on Google page one? Have you been paying monthly and still not getting results? Then we can help. Cleverley Done are leading the way in SEO across the UK, we have nearly 6000 pages on Google page one for our current client base, and they all make money, which is the reason you are looking for SEO right?

We live and breath business and technology, we spend every penny wisely and we obtain the maximum ROI on all of our investments and that is what we offer our SEO clients, we are not any ordinary SEO company we do not sell your sites reputation to get you links from unrepeatable sites, we build your site to our exacting standards.

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A little history of SEO

Search engines craved to index webpages better and they needed a structure, and that is what we had and all of our clients had, so the /cat-and-rabbit approach to webdesign structure was born, even though we had been using it for years. But it has moved on from then and we are always innovting and keeping in contact with the latest trends tracking all of our sites and keeping our clients on page one and you could be one of them, a fast friendly service is what we offer.

SEO Campaigns

SEO campaigns are just marketing strategies and should be thought about long and hard before committing to one, you must identify your keywords and phrases that people will use to find your site as well as having great site structure and on-page SEO.

SEO Money Back Guarantee

  1. You pick the key phrases you want to be on Google page one for.
  2. We will complete our SEO MOT on each key phrase.
  3. If your not on Google page one for 75% of the key phrases, you get your money back.

See what money back guarantee on SEO are competitors are offering...