With nearly two decades of building websites and over a decade working with companies and on my own SEO & PPC strategies, it's time to help businesses on a wider platform gain in these areas.

I chose to specialise in the UK's Used Car sector for two reasons; One, I was a Marketing Manager for a large dealership in Essex and learnt a lot about the industry, I also made a lot of great contacts who I really want to help. Two, because I love the industry, people are so willing to learn and so passionate about their businesses. Being a business owner myself for over a decade, despite working for companies during that time my passion always was running my own business. To back this up I spent 3 years as a National IT Trainer learning many techniques needed to train people effectively.

Group Training

Group PPC Training

I offer group and one to one training for SME's that are looking to move away from agencies and take control of their own marketing. I will be breaking through the smoke and mirrors in these areas for pupils of any standard and it will give you granular control of all aspects of your PPC and SEO strategies.

Google Analytics training will naturally be a part of every course because there is no point creating great content, posting it at the right time and hitting 10 million people, but not knowing what the real impact was of the campaign.

One-to-One Training

One to One SEO Training

Training Days

The SEO Training courses are designed around your business in your area, they're bespoke and tailored just for your business.

SEO is, in essence, the same as is always has been. Build a well-structured website, well researched and cited copy with unique and great content. All Meta, Title, H, ALT and all the other appropriate tags present and populated correctly.

But there is the technical side of SEO:

What you get from the SEO Training is a holistic approach to SEO giving you the tools to manage what you what your website designers do, what you do and what your content managers do. PPC Training

The PPC Training courses the same as the SEO courses are designed around your business in your area, it's not an online course that can get confusing and unrelated to your business, it's tailored for your business.

Trying to completely dominate PPC can be expensive if you're in a city using keywords such as [car dealer birmingham]. But things don't' have to be that way, you're customers are unique and are online at different times to other types of businesses, your customers are into different things, they search in different ways and you want to catch them at different times in their journey than other businesses.

Dominating the right demographic at the right time when they're at the stage you want to target them is now all possible with data available within Google and Facebook.

Social Media Apprentices - UK Automotive