Automotive Google Analytics Training

Google Analytics training for companies is matched with PPC and is one of the fastest growing markets in L&D today because companies are moving away from agencies for their PPC and using Google Analytics to see when organic traffic is converting most heavily and bolster the organic keywords you're not being found for during this time with PPC and at the same time you'll see what keywords need to be in your SEO strategy allowing you to create content around these key phrases.

What can I teach you about your business? Everything you don't know, if you don't already use an Analytics program. I can show you what time is the busiest on your website, where they're from, how long they spend there, what pages they go to, how long they spent on each page, what page they came on on and every page they viewed IN ORDER from the time they got on to the site to the time they left!

Training days

Training on Google Analytics is available on the link and you will be able to train yourself in all on the key reports and metrics required to perform all of the functionality Google Analytics provides. I also provide training on how to access reports and taylor them for your business and our industry.

Typical Analytics course overview

What you'll learn on the course

Every course is tailored to fit your business and its objectives. There are set calls or meetings prior to any training for me to establish all of this base information and to build the course for your business, the stock profile and the location you're in.

What you'll gain

What you get from the Google Analytics Training Course is how to pinpoint what marketing is performing and what is not. See you true CPC on Google Ads approach to PPC giving you the tools to manage what you what your website designers do, what you do and what your content managers do.