Automotive PPC Training

PPC training for companies is one of the fastest growing markets in L&D today because more and more companies are following the trend of moving away from agencies for their PPC and taking control of their own marketing. Every course is unique, because you're unique, and trust me you'll find me unique :). Having full control over your PPC strategy will release you from having to wait for agencies to respond to your requests and trusting these agencies are doing what they say they're doing, even if you use the course to make sense of what your agency's doing it's money well spent. Every course encompasses Google Analytics training because what's the point in there is no point creating a great PPC campaign, but not knowing what the real impact was.

Training days

Pay Per Click training courses are designed around your business in your area, they're bespoke and tailored just for your business. PPC is a very reactive form of advertising, I was at a Masterclass and Chris Roach used the term, turning up and down the volume, this really is the case. If you want more leads the a well structured PPC campaign will deliver more leads, it is that simple.

Typical PPC course overview

What will you learn on the course

This is a nuts and bolts list of what you will learn about on the course, the level of detail for each topic will be as deep as is applicable to you and your business. I won't be going through a preconfigured ridged course structure, the material is fixed because that is how Google Ads works but the level of detail will solely depend on your wants and needs.

What you will gain

What you get from the PPC Training Course is a holistic approach to PPC giving you the tools to manage what you what your website designers do, what you do and what your content managers do.