Automotive PPC & SEO Strategies

Strategies Smatergies I'm sure you're as fed up of the word as I am, it's just over used! So what SEO/PPC Blueprint can we lay down for your business? One that's driven by data, based on fact and evidence and one that you can call the shots and control with maybe more certainty than you can or do right now.

Being aware of your current situation including, geo targeting, bidding method, advert types and many other factors could save you money while making you money. This is because you can streamline your campaigns to suit the target demographics for your cars and your finance, target the keywords you're not performing for organically and manage the short fall with PPC.

PPC Strategies

Looking at what a lot of marketing companies do is create you a campaign with a few ad groups, some keywords, a text ad or two and take your money for the rest of eternity while Google does all of the work. You may be running the same Google Ads (Adwords from back then) as you did when you started with the company. PPC is used for key times in your business, the right times. These can include:

PPC is also used to target under-performing organic keywords, but as you can see this is also the basis of using them in the above list, they all have less exposure time to the search engines for them to add and rank your pages.

SEO Strategies

Using data to drive the Blueprint for your business is the only sensible way to go, every major successful company uses it and so much if it is free. If you don't have a keyword analysis report from your SEO company then get one, see where your business has tracked over the time they've been managing your account and see if it's working. Take an interest in the analytics the information you can get for your business.

There is no long list for reasons to use SEO, the one and only reason is it's perceived to be cheaper than paid advertising, there's a case for both and I believe that having a multifaceted approach to digital marketing, a holistic and complementary Blueprint for your marketing funnels.