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Getting online will be the best thing you have ever done!

So, have got a website yet? If not then thankfully you have ended up here! If you have got a website have a read about our website redesigns. We provide custom built ecommerce sites and simple sites for personal, business, and non-profit clients, because we only provide bespoke websites you have the world at your fingertips, from fully integrated Google Maps and route planning for a backend system to an simple tool to upload and modify your blogs.

Every website we build has our highly sort after SEO techniques in built, we do not charge for on-page SEO for any new websites we build, why would we after all we only build websites in a structured and logical manor and that is why we have so many clients at number one!

Getting started with your website design;

We would always ask for clients to research exactly what they want from a website and not so much what it looks like, choosing exactly the functionality you need and what you want it to do is CRITICAL, this includes how you will manage sales and shopping baskets for example. Adding functionality is always possible with our sites and it is endless what we can do with them, from a simple email form to a full back end controlling your stock, sales, expenses and purchases with management functions, graphs and maps, training videos, inductions videos for your whole company all in one place.

Cleverley Done only write bespoke websites, we do not use WordPress, Joomla or any other content management systems (CMS)! Why? Because they are for simpletons and lazy website makers, not designers, and certainly not good for SEO they are not designing websites they use pre-programmed templates from the internet or other sources, but most importantly the code is the same across everybody who is running what ever version making them inherently easy to hack.

Can you imagine if the government let everybody have a copy of their software so anyone could read it and hack it, well that is what you get with any content management system on the market today, and people do site there all days across the world hacking for cash. Our sites are coded by hand using only the safest techniques, security is our number one priority, and it should be yours as there is a £10,000 fine for data protection breaches.

Website Cost

A one page website designed by us would cost £299.99 based on:

  1. 15 hours of our time to spec, design and build your site
  2. One logo designed by us
  3. Up to five images provided by you
  4. Up to 500 words provided by you
  5. Colours picked by you
  6. On-page SEO provided by us
  7. Hosting for one year provided by us
  8. Domain name for one year provided by us
  9. Unlimited changes to the text and pictures you provided for one year

If you have a hosting package we would need to transfer the hosting to us, this is to allow us to use the SEO software we have produced.

Website Prices

All prices are quoted from a base package weather this be a simple one pager to a full ecommerce site, we then custom build your site from there. We allow 15 hours work for the one page design including telephone calls and emails communication with you regarding the site, any time over this will be charged at £30.00 per hour.

Ecommerce Websites

Do you know your sku's from you exw's, do you need to know? Well maybe so! But if you are currently selling items from a shop and you have your, purchasing, sales and expenses flows pretty much sorted then just contact us, but if you are a new business and you have very little experience in buying and selling processes and procedures, then we offer a fully guided start to finish business start up program with your ecommerce site. We will guide you through the design and management of your online shop and the offline processes too, including booking carriers and paying for goods online and managing the whole accounting process.

The thing you need to focus on when thinking about your first ecommerce website is; just how complicated to you really need it to start off with, if you have only 1-20 products you have the luxury of being change your items individually, but if you have a large product range you may not be able to manage this changes so quickly. We can create a surprising amount of apps to do very powerful things in our websites and backendís, you can have multiple pricing structures and instant control over all or groups of your pricing for all of your products on all of your systems, route planning and GPS tracking for drivers, staff training videos or teleconferences all built in to one interface.

But as we were saying how complicated do you need your website? Well you can have as large a product range as you like and process all the payments via PayPal or Google Checkout / Google Wallet or even a banking credit card system. The question's you need to ask yourself are:

  1. Will the website get a million hits in the first month? Very doubtful!
  2. If the website gets an order for an item do you know what you would do with that order? Printing the label, booking the carrier!
  3. Would it be better to test the water with a great looking site with a simple backend and build it as you need it?

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